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It is the new way to create a great logo quickly:

  • Step 1. Insert your Brand name and a Slogan (if any);
  • Step 2. Choose your Industry;
  • Step 3. Choose and/or edit your logo;
  • Step 4. Download your Logo and start promoting your business!

That's so Simple!

Yes. You will receive your download link instantly via e-mail or you can also download your design via our website on the "My Account" area.

You can edit the color, font, font size, adjust the form of the logo, and add icons, etc from our comprehensive logo design tool.
Many sizes and formats are available. PNG, JPEG, PDF file or high-resolution vector SVG.
You can use it for your website, social media or on your letterhead. For a professional use such as having your logo on a business card, or on a board, you should use the high-resolution version.
We offer 3 packages. The first allows you to create your own free logo. The second is a professional use logo with a high resolution and the third, a complete customized logo service designed by our graphic designers.
All prices are in USD.
Yes, you can edit your logo and download it again. But there are some restrictions, no worries, you will be notified when you perform an action that requires a purchase.
No. You don’t need to create an account for creating your logo.
Yes, if you realize that you are imperfect, you can click simply select the high resolution option.
You can call or email us anytime for any assistance. We’re happy to receive your questions so do not hesitate.
You can make your logo exactly the way you want with our easy logo design tool in few minutes. All you have to do is answer a few questions so the logo creator gets to know your style.
All your saved logo designs and purchased logo designs can be found in the "My Account" Section here. Simply select "Download" to download your files.
You can make unlimited logo designs for free and save those into your account. If you like the logos, you can opt to buy a package that contains a license to use it.
Since, our logo design tool is a perfect choice. All you need to do is write your company name and a slogan, select an icon and you are ready to download!
Yes, it is! You can create an amazing logo totally for free.
There are hundreds of designed icons provided by our expert designers for you to use in your logo!
You can get your logo either as a PNG or an SVG vector file.
After saving the file, you will get a high-resolution logo file depending on the actual proportions of your logo.
Yes, you are the owner of your creation! Export the logo and reuse it wherever you want.
Yes, it is available to everyone. Don’t worry, there are hundreds of icons, so we are sure you will find a unique one.
We’re never more than a click away, so don’t hesitate to contact us via Call, Email or Live Chat.
There are hundreds of designed icons provided by our expert designers for you to use in your logo!

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